Loree writes true stories for curious people of all ages. Her books for children have won many accolades, including American Library Association Notable designations, a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book Award, an IRA Children’s Book Award, a Green Earth Book Award, and two Science Books & Films (SB&F) Prizes. Her essays for adults have been published in magazines like Yankee and honored in journals like Flyway. Samples of recent publications are shown below, and a more  complete body of work can be viewed on the Books and Essays pages of this site.


Moth Ball Cover

You’re Invited to a Moth Mall: A Nighttime Insect Celebration​

Most of us are asleep when moths come out at night, but what if we were to stay up late one night? What if there were a way to invite local moths onto our porches and into our green spaces? Moth-watching is actually a thing, and this book invites readers to give it a try. Through captivating photographs and clear, direct language, young readers are inspired to become young naturalists … and to have a ball doing it!

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What the Ocean Carries, Published Spring 2019

Surtsey exploded out of the North Atlantic, just off the coast of Iceland, on November 14, 1963. The entire world watched as volcanoes on the sea floor spewed massive amounts of cinder, ash, and rock into the air, as gravity pulled those materials back down to the sea floor, and as the pile of it grew tall enough, eventually, to breach the ocean’s surface. No one could say if the new island would survive; [continue reading]