Loree writes true stories for curious people of all ages. Her books for children have won many accolades, including American Library Association Notable designations, a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book Award, an IRA Children’s Book Award, a Green Earth Book Award, and two Science Books & Films (SB&F) Prizes. Her essays for adults have been published in magazines like Yankee and honored in journals like Flyway. Samples of recent publications are shown below, and a more  complete body of work can be viewed on the Books and Essays pages of this site.


Cover of Loree Griffin Burns' book, One Long Line: A parade of caterpillars coming down a house plant and onto a desk

One Long Line: Marching Caterpillars and the Scientists Who Followed Them (MITKids, 2024)

The first title in a brand-new early chapter book series from Loree Griffin Burns, Jamie Green, and MITKids spotlights remarkable creatures, inquisitive people, and fascinating conversations. The creatures? Processionary caterpillars with mysterious group marching habits. The people? Jean Henri Fabre and, many years later, Terrence Fitzgerald—scientists who became intensely curious about the caterpillars and their marching. And the conversations? They span lifetimes, as one researcher continues a dialogue started by the other. In this playful, candid, and accessible book for young readers, Burns pulls readers straight into the “ask, test, repeat” nature of the scientific process, demonstrating how human curiosity creates one long line of learning.


The Hours of the Moth (Yankee Magazine, July/August 2022)

When was the last time you were astonished by a creature you’ve never seen before? I’m talking unable to speak or even to breathe as something unexpected swoops from the deep dark of your own not-knowing and alights, glowing, on your extended finger. My feeling is that it’s been too long. My feeling is that you may need a mercury vapor lamp. [continue reading]