The Coolest (Library)Thing

Hurricane Irene has come and gone, and aside from a couple downed limbs in the yard, we Burnses survived mostly unscathed. But we were stuck in the house all day yesterday, and that was … trying. At least until I drifted over to LibraryThing. I’ve been a member for a while, but hadn’t visited recently. Yesterday, I decided to update my Author profile and be sure that no one was saying anything icky about my books. (Ha!)

One thing led to another and, well, guess what? I began cataloguing my home library. I am not kidding.

(In my defense, it rained for a long, long, long time. LONG.)

Anyway, I love organizing and I love books, and now I have an excellent way to combine the two. Cataloguing my entire library is going to take a while, but yesterday I managed to get through some of my favorite nonfiction collections: biographies and Scientists in the Field books. If you are a LibraryThing user, you can check it out here. And be sure to say hello over there so I can see your library!

Edited to add: The colorful banner at the top of this post was created by one of my kids a while ago, and seemed appropriate for this post. Don’t know what I’ll do when I start cataloguing fiction …