Hello … and welcome to my blog.

This is my very first entry and I am entirely unconvinced that anyone is going to read it. Still, I feel nauseous. The very idea of keeping a journal or a diary makes my stomach ache. This wasn’t always so. When I was ten I wrote constantly in a baby-blue diary with a tiny golden lock on the side. I kept the tiny golden key on a chain around my neck. As it turns out, the key was unnecessary for opening the diary, a fact brought to my attention by a girl named Cathy, who was my babysitter, and who broke into my diary. Need I tell you that I was devastated? I’d like to say that Cathy felt remorse upon being caught, and that I forgave her, and that we are now great friends who laugh over the entire episode. She didn’t, I didn’t, and we aren’t.

In any event, here I am, sixteen years later, keeping another diary. Oh, and publishing it for all the world to see. I’d say I’m over it, wouldn’t you? Besides, I did learn some important lessons from the diary debacle, and I think they will keep me on track with this blog:

First, I will hide my blog carefully, at least until I am ready for it to be seen. (If you are reading this, then you are one of a small handful of trusted souls who are privy to its existance. Or else a friend of one of those souls. Or a truly interesting person … seriously, how did you find me?)

Second, I will write in my blog only when I have important things to say about my writing career. (I’ll talk about the road to publication, my first book, and the new projects I am working on. I’ll also post information about upcoming school and library visits, presentations, and writing life news.)

Third, I will never, ever, EVER write the names of boys I like in my blog. (Enough said.)