SB&F Thanks

© Gerry Burns
© Gerry Burns

SB&F Prize weekend was a total blast! A blur, but a blast. I’ve posted a few photos in this album on my Facebook author page for those who want a peek at the festivities. I’ve also decided to publish my acceptance speech here on my blog, because in my excitement, I left both the speech and my glasses on my seat when I took the podium. Plus, these are thanks that bear repeating.

                  Thank you to Terry Young and the SB&F Prize committee, to Maria Sosa and everyone at Science Books & Films, to AAAS and to Subaru for making this award possible and for allowing me  to be part of it.

                  Thank you to my friends at Henry Holt, especially my editor Sally Doherty.

                  Thank you to my colleague, photographer Ellen Harasimowicz, who traveled from Central Park to central Mexico with me in search of the pieces of this story;

                  Thank you to my husband Gerry, who supports every crazy book idea—and therefore the endless research trips—I come up with.

                  And thank you to my kids, Sam, Ben, and Catherine, who for the past few years have patiently counted more birds, traipsed alongside more vernal pools, chased after more butterflies, and stalked more ladybugs than they may have wanted to. I’m not sure they know how helpful they were to me and, since they are here tonight, I’m going to take a second to tell them…

                  One of the tough aspects of a book like this was identifying the parts of citizen science and individual projects that would most appeal—or not appeal—to kid readers.  I know what spoke to me, a forty-something adult writer with a scientific bent, but to know what appealed or didn’t to kids, I needed help. And, so, I watched you. Everything you did while we explored Hosmer Street or Wachusett Meadow or Trout Brook was supremely helpful to me. In fact, most of it is in the book. Thank you three for helping me get things right.

                  And finally, a quick but sincere cheer for all of you who read books, especially kids books and extra-especially kids science books. Ours is a tiny corner of the publishing world, but tonight I realize this is actually just fine by me. So long as we can gather every now and again, like this, and talk books, share our passions, swap our ideas, dream about new projects and new ways to excite the rest of the world about science and its stories.                  

                    Thank you all so very much.

And thank YOU for reading. I plan to give away copies of the prize-winning titles in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!