Small Business Saturday


This year I’m celebrating Small Business Saturday with writers from across the state of Massachusetts at the Groton Public Library‘s Local Author Fair. There will be warm drinks and sweet pastries, plenty of books for browsing and purchasing, and smiling authors ready to inscribe them to you or your loved ones. Join us!

Here’s a list of the authors you’ll meet; click on their name for more information about their work:

David Brody

Loree Griffin Burns

Annette LeBlanc Cate

Richard Feitelberg

Greg Fishbone

Catharine Glen

Frederick Goodwin

Katharine Grubb

Jennifer Hallock

Elizabeth Keddy

Erin McCormack

Richard Meibers

Stephen O’Connor

Caroline Poser

Joseph Ross

Molly Salans

Vlad Vaslyn

Pam Wight

Sharon Wooding

I’ll have copies of all my books there. I hope to see you.