Some Buzz in the Mailbox

On Saturday, our mailman delivered a package of vibrant, buzzy Thank You cards from students at Cluny School in Rhode Island. The stupendous weather, garlic plants bursting through straw mulch in the garden, long days outdoors, the Red Sox taking a couple from the Yankees, and those sweet cards made for a happy, happy weekend. Here are just a few of the smiles sent my way …

“You have inspired me to try and get over my fear of sharks.”

“I also learned what I should do if I run into a bee hive: calm down and get some smoke.”

“”If someone came up to us asking about bees, we could give them something to listen to.”

“The Hive Detectives is a very clever name.”

“Your scarf was so beautiful.”

“Come visit us again soon!”

Thank you, Cluny kids. I hope I can visit you again soon. In the meanwhile, Happy Spring to each and every one of you!