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The bright side of all this snow on the ground in central Massachusetts is the ease with which one can, say, track a porcupine in the woods. The prickly fellow in the photo above, for example, lives behind our house, and we find him most afternoons perched thirty feet above the melting slush, chewing bark and branches in the sun. Seeing him reassures me that spring is on the way, although I don’t believe porcupines are generally considered harbingers of spring. (February in New England can make one see spring everywhere. This I know for sure.)

Other (equally dubious?) signs of spring ’round here include a sudden burst of online activity related to THE HIVE DETECTIVES:

I was a guest blogger at Cynsations yesterday; you can read my post and join the conversation about nonfiction genres here.

Mary Quattlebaum at Washington Parent compiled a nice list of books to help us all welcome the growing season and warmer weather, and she included THE HIVE DETECTIVES. You can her full list of titles here.

And Ricklibrarian posted this nice review at his blog.

I’m heading south for Newport’s March Into Reading literacy festival this weekend. I’m betting I’ll see actual grass down there. And maybe crocuses?


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