Wednesday Wild: Mystery Mushroom

© Loree Griffin Burns

On my bedside table at the moment is David Arora’s MUSHROOMS DEMYSTIFIED. I’m not very far along yet, which may explain why I can’t tell you what kind of mushroom I’ve captured in the image above. I can tell you that mushrooms were plentiful in my part of New England this past Saturday; I saw dozens of species on a single trail at the Trout Brook Reservation in Holden, Massachusetts. And couldn’t ID a single one. Guess I’ll keep reading David’s book ….

Have a wild Wednesday!

2 Replies to “Wednesday Wild: Mystery Mushroom”

  1. Funny you should post about mushrooms! We have these giant mushrooms in our woods — been wanting to get a picture but it’s been raining steadily the last few days.

    1. I took photos of about ten different species over the weekend … so varied and beautiful. And they are so much harder to identify than I thought; some species look completely different over the course of a single day! I’d love to see your “giant” once the rain lets up.

      Thanks for reading, Jama.


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