Media Mentions & Surtsey

Last week, The Nature Generation, an organization dedicated to inspiring stewardship and the force behind the Green Earth Book Awards, invited me to be a guest on their blog. I wrote about the year my kids and I discovered our place in this world, and I hope you’ll hop on over to give my piece, The Art of Looking, a read. Please feel free to share it with anyone you think might enjoy it.

As if that weren’t exciting enough, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) featured me on its Member Central blog. (!!) Click on over to read Laura Petersen’s profile of me and my work.

One last thing … the team of researchers I traveled to Surtsey with in the summer of 2015 was back on the island last week and two of them, Erling and Matthias, sent me the selfie above. These men truly have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. I can’t wait for you to read more about their work when LIFE ON SURTSEY is released in the fall. Stay tuned!

2015 Green Earth Book Awards


I’m thrilled to announce that The Nature Generation has announced the short list for its annual Green Earth Book Awards, and they’ve included Beetle Busters!

Here’s some information on the awards taken from The Nature Generation website:

The Nature Generation created the Green Earth Book Award to promote books that inspire children to grow a deeper appreciation, respect, and responsibility for their natural environment. This is an annual award for books that best raise awareness of the beauty of our natural world and the responsibility we have to protect it.

The winners in each of five categories (picture book, children’s fiction, young adult fiction, children’s nonfiction, young adult nonfiction) will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2015. You know I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Dance News


I’m pleased and honored to announce that Citizen Scientists has been named a Green Earth Book Award winner!  I’ll be traveling to Salisbury, Maryland to accept the award in early April, and am looking forward to participating in the Read Green Festival at Salisbury University while I’m there. Many thanks to the award sponsor, The Nature Generation; be sure to visit their website for the complete list of the 2013 Green Earth Book Award winners.

And SuperExtraDouble thanks to The Winthrop School in Massachusetts, who were kind enough to reschedule our April visit so that I could attend the award ceremonies. I look forward to hanging out with all you Winthrop School folks on our soon-to-be-decided makeup day!