Book Love: The Beak of the Finch

© Loree Griffin Burns

Check. Out. That. Photo.

On the bottom: THE BEAK OF THE FINCH, the book that changed the way I think about sharing science and, quite possibly, the course of my scientific career. (I’m not kidding. I’d still be a lab rat had this book not crossed my desk back in 1995. Read it.)

On the top: my gorgeous, wholly original, and completely amazing new purse, made from an actual copy of THE BEAK OF THE FINCH* by the uber-talented Caitlin Phillips at Rebound Designs.

Have you ever seen anything so excellent in your life? I am the happiest book geek on the planet.

* Said copy was contributed by its kind and generous author, Jonathan Weiner, who took pity on a devoted fan who wanted a purse but couldn’t bear to give up her copy of his book. Thank you, Jonathan!

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  1. Well, now, if that doesn’t beat all. Loree, that is one of the coolest things ever! You are my absolute favorite science geek in the world and I know you will carry that purse with the pride and chutzpah it deserves!

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